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My name is Chris Mayer. I live in Chichester, near the south coast of the UK with my wonderful boyfriend. I’m an occasional gamer, I adore Nintendo, and surround myself with all manor of gadgets and technology. I’m self-employed and develop apps and games for smartphones and tablets. I was recently diagnosed HIV positive.

There are 35 million people in this world living with HIV, but many don’t feel able to discuss it, even with friends and family. My aim with this website and blog is to be open and honest about my life, to educate about the realities of living with the virus, and help to reduce the stigma attached to being labelled HIV positive.

I hope that in time, this blog will show that it’s possible for someone with HIV to live a long and happy life.

If by chance, you’re reading this as someone newly diagnosed, please realise that you’re not alone, and your plans in life do not need to change. The stigma attached to HIV is something we can bring an end to.

Thank you for reading — Chris.

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Sharing my experiences of living with HIV