Inspirational Bloggers & Activists

After I got the news that I was HIV positive, reading blogs and tweets from some of the people below helped me to realise that life could still go on as usual. It also inspired me to be open about my own diagnosis.

Jayce Carberry (@Just_Jayce). Jayce has been blogging about his experiences with HIV since 2012, his extraordinarily honest blog is an inspiration. He also created the #SupportNotStigma campaign.

Tom Hayes (@UKPositiveLad). A strong voice for HIV activism in the UK, often interviewed on TV, radio, and in the press. Tom set up the online magazine Beyond Positive (@Beyond_Positive).

Luke Alexander (@PositiveLuke). Luke has an incredibly open and honest blog about his experiences as a gay teenager living with HIV.

Josh Robbins (@ImStillJosh). American HIV positive activist and blogger.

Becky Mitchell (@HIVGirlBristol). Becky very bravely disclosed her HIV status to the nation on ITV’s Daybreak.

Alex Sparrowhawk (@birdy_tweet). A blogger, activist and advocate of HIV and LGBT rights issues.

Christian Dolan (@christiandolan_). Christian set up the website PositiveWise, with a mission to breakdown and overcome the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS.

Stuart (@newlypositive). Newly HIV positive gay male in the UK. He’s also written for Beyond Positive.

All of the above have done fantastic work and should be so proud! If you are HIV positive and have decided to openly blog or tweet about life with HIV, you deserve to be on this list too! If you’re not listed above, please get in touch.

There needn’t be any shame or embarrassment about HIV, it’s a subject we should all feel able to discuss without judgement or prejudice. Every one of us who decides to ‘come out’ and disclose our HIV status publicly can help to fight the stigma.


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Sharing my experiences of living with HIV